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First Year Film

Secret Bases | Spring 2020


A little boy wants to join the secret base by some older children as a friend, but he is rudely rejected, so it's time to make his own! The story is adapted from my childhood experience in real life.

A film by: Yorick Cao | Music Composer: Zach Kelly-Onett | Sound Desing & Mixer: Ben Huff

Two Dogs in the Forest

Fall 2020

The final film for the BFA1 CG Foundation course. Voice acting is done by myself.

One Week Film

Turnip | Fall 2021

48 Hours Film

Princess | Fall 2021

Music: Solar Zhu
Made in 48 hours. This year's theme is "princess". Based on a documentary video with Jennifer Michele.

Fall 2020 Reel

Spring 2021 Reel

Fall 2021 Reel

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